Month: December 2017

Is Legal Recruiting the Career for You?

There are many perks to becoming a legal recruiter, but it is not a career that is for the faint of heart Different stress factors can come along with this type of job, but then again, that could be true for any and all positions you may possess. The smartest thing you can do for yourself is doing your research and make sure you know about recruiting process. It is a different kind of job that takes finesse and skill so being sure you are confident enough to be successful, is very important. There are a few factors that you should take into consideration before making the final decision to jump into this new career.

Things to Think About

An important consideration to keep in mind first and foremost is the fact that a legal recruiting job is going to be a commission-based job probably. If you are coming from a job that pays a salary and expect to get a steady paycheck every month, you may be in for a rude awakening. There is no guarantee that you are going to be receiving checks every month when you first start in this type of job. It may take some time to establish a good clientele and could take even longer before anyone will sign a contract with you or agree to work for your firm and can lead to you having to make some serious lifestyle changes until you get your feet underneath you.

A keen sense of confidence is going to propel you forward in a legal recruiting type of career. Having almost an entrepreneur type attitude is going to help your managing skills immensely. You almost have to treat your workload as your business – especially since you are earning a commission. Introverted people don’t excel at this. There is very little ‘desk time’ or sitting in an office. A lot of the job is socializing, outsourcing and going to countless meetings and business mixers to meet people. Communicating and brainstorming with potential clients is one of the leading components of the job, so it is crucial that these skills are in your repertoire.   For more info


Legal recruiters have determination and drive. It is a career that you can truly excel in if you have the attributes and confidence in yourself to succeed. Having tough skin is another component you must possess in this industry – getting told ‘no’ happens quite often, and it is not something that you can take personally. Being able to brush off rejection and move onto to the next candidate is the only way to thrive and make a steady paycheck happen for yourself. Take some serious time to consider how different your life will become if you change careers to become a legal recruiter. Adjustments are required, but if you are willing to take the risk, the reward will be worth it for your future career