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Recycling State Licensed Plate Art/Craft

State licensed plates, also known as registration plates, are attached to motor vehicles highlighting vehicle information and the driver to authorities. The plate communicates the weight and uses restrictions, registration validity, vehicle classes, and vehicle and owner information. In recent years, states have been issuing plates either permanent or semi-permanent; that is a plate made to last throughout the vehicle ownership or a period longer than one year. Therefore, the semi-permanent plate has an expiration date and will be rendered useless after the validity date. Also, in some states, one is not required to turn back in the registration plates rustic plates for Fabulous Limos of Vancouver licenses. 

Subsequently, the raw material of making a plate includes sheets of aluminium and paint. Aluminium is one of the metals recyclable; hence, the plate can be recycled. The various ways of recycling the plate include: 


Recycling plates into the clipboard is the most common recycling way because they are unique and can suit any person’s taste. The benefit of using plates is the difference in colours, numbering and lettering. Different plate designs and colour links to distinct people taste and preference, for instance, the retro, hipster, or kitsch. Also, for décor enthusiast clipboard are used as part of either kitchen décor or office décor. In the office, the clipboard hold receipts or business cards. 


Another recycled item from a plate is vases. Vases are part of home décor and give a room some character. The use of registration plate to make a vase gives some personality and uniqueness to a room. Additionally, a vase fits in any corner of the house, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or the bathroom.  

Toilet paper holder 

Toilet paper holder is an element of a bathroom and sometimes can be standard. It is an essential item in the bathroom, yet people do not even look at it. The use of plates to make toilet paper holder will attract attention in the bathroom. It brings out its character, and people will start appreciating it. The bathroom is an essential part of the house, and it needs the same attention as any other part of the house. 

Vintage plate purse 

A purse is an extension of a woman. It is a necessity. It is fashionable and also describes the character of a woman. Over the years, purses have become a fashion statement and the definition of a woman. Elegant pieces can be expensive and cheap, depending on the raw material used. The affordable way to look fashionable is by using recyclable material such as registration plates. Registration plates have different colours and designs that make a fashion statement. It is a wearable and useable art due to the endless colour combinations. Purse made from plates can be sturdy but has a long life span. 


Semi-permanent state-licensed plates should not be rendered useless after the validity period: it should be considered a recycling material. The plates can make anything from home décor masterpiece to art pieces. The plates have character and come in different designs and colours.