People who operate forklifts use them to perform heavy jobs such as lifting of large loads that are very heavy to a point that a normal human being cannot manage. In the current world, you will not be allowed to operate a forklift if you do not have the required certificates.  

Certification includes some time doing classwork and some training and more importantly proving that you deserve the certificate by performing well in your exams. 

Since this work involves dealing with heavy tasks, it is good to put into consideration of an operator’s safety and also other workers in that field. When one is trained, a lot of issues are prevented such as frequent accidents as the forklifts can overturn or even the workers can get injuries. 

 For a driver to get such jobs, OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) must have given you a valid certificate that shows that you are now able to operate the machines. If this body discovers that there is a worker who is working for a given company without their certification, the company will be held responsible by being fined. 

You can take either online studies or even physical classes. Persons prefer physical studies in a given study company or a vocational institution. 


  1. You have to choose which forklift type you want to specialize in. 

The training you will undergo will specifically be on that type of forklift that you choose. That may include stand-up, sit-down and many others 

  1. Signing for the type of course you are to take. 

It is good to go to any locally found OSHA recognized institution for training found near you. 

  1. Attending lessons  

      This is the very first training that you will undergo and deals with maintenance of forklifts, safety OSHA rules techniques for operating them and many others. 

  1. Taking exams 

You are expected to get 75 percent of the total marks in a written test so as to be allowed to move on to the next sessions. 

  1. Taking hands- on training and completing it  

You will be expected to show your skills by taking a hand- on training and complete it successfully 

  1. Evaluating the learners 

     This is the very last stage that determines your certification. You will get certified if an evaluator rates you that you are worth it. 


  • The areas of work will be safer  
  • The number of damages to the machines and property is reduced 
  • A short period of time is taken to complete a given work therefore the rate of productivity is boosted. 
  • Operational costs that are used are less due to skilled personnel who don’t do reduced issues. 
  • The morale that you get will enable you to work with a lot of pleasure and therefore good work is done since the employer will be caring for you. 
  • The rates of insurance are lower. 
  • You will be more skilled and therefore have great qualifications for operating the forklifts. 
  • This can be your stable job and help you manage your financial status. 

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